Akrofu is predominantly a farming community which is known for okro, rice, cassava and gari production and processing.

It is about 15 miles from Ho, the regional capital. It consist of two towns; Xeviwofe and Agorve with Xeviwofe being the paramouncy.

Gbela is a clan in Xeviwofe and Gbeladukor or Gbelaviwo refers to the people of Gbela. 

Akrofu Gbeladukor Union (AGU) is made up of all persons who identify themselves with and/or whose heritage through any form of generational relationship is in the Gbela Clan of Akrofu (hereinafter reffered as “Gbelaviwo”) Subsequently, any person who identifies him/herself as Gbelavi aged eighteen years and above is an automatic member of the Union.